The Las Vegas: Sin City And The Casino Scene

The color of money is always greener in the City of Sin…Las Vegas. The legends of Las Vegas casinos have always made sure that this is a consistent truth. Las Vegas casinos reputation of luring tourist in the webs of game tables and the allure of the sound of slot machines. In the bright lights of the city, surely a Las Vegas casino will tower over the dust fields and the prairies of one of the Midwest’s most colorful and liveliest cities.

Las Vegas casinos made the city famous for making easy money. Tourist could never ever escape the comes-ons of Las Vegas’s casinos, it’s like the most fondling sound that they have ever heard in their entire lives and the promise of wealth and instant millions, that are sometimes posted on the billboards that welcome you while driving into the city, make them mesmerized to the point where they are no longer in control of their own purse.

The stories of defeat and anguish are so common in any Las Vegas casino; some of them have become urban legends and modern day mythologies that some of them are known by heart by the frequenters and the players. They have even lifted their stories to the level of being legends among craps table newbies. And their stories linger on to the very corner of every Las Vegas casino and strip clubs, the names and the amounts have immortalized themselves.

Las Vegas casinos are also known for their side attractions that take the players (gamblers)mind off the money that their actually losing. Everyday a player loses almost half of their annual incomes in just one game table and the least that the Las Vegas casinos’ owners are to have side shows that will entertain players keep their minds of the money they just burned. The common Las Vegas casino have playboy bunny girls, midgets doing magic and other attractions that players see to help them from remembering that they’ve just burned enough money to feed their family for half a year.

The typical Las Vegas casino, or almost all of them have memberships and to be part of their exclusive clubs, the interested party must have at least a certain amount of money they could burn at one time to qualify. Any self-respecting Las Vegas casino has will look closely at any membership. They of course don’t want anyone getting inside their club without passing club standards. Typically, a Las Vegas casino will investigate any prospecting applicant and make sure that this person is not just a bag of hot air.

In the deserts of the Midwestern frontier, Las Vegas will always stand out. Besides the scenery, the beautiful people and the constant desert weather. Las Vegas is always a good place to visit. Just remember to bring a lot of cash, tons of sun block and remember if you’re going to run around town getting drunk and spending your life’s savings to have the time of your life…leave the wife and kids at home and if they’re already with you, leave them at the hotel room. So if you’re already and good to go, drop by any of the famous Las Vegas casinos and have the time of your life.

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